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About us

Greetings in the name of T.O.M. Controll 2001 Wealth Security and Service ZRt. and its almost 1000 colleagues. Please allow me to introduce our company and the range of services we offer.

Our company has offered a complete real-estate maintenance and up-keep service to its partners all over the country since 1995. This includes the following fields:

  • integrated real-estate operating
  • personal- and wealth protection
  • cleaning
  • selling office equipment

T.O.M. Controll 2001 strategic aims

Our company has the fundamental aims of building the Controll satisfaction pyramid, to create and run a business that is based on the requirements of its partners, colleagues and owners and to fulfil these requirements completely.

T.O.M. Controll 2001 ZRt. strategic aims in the field of Partner Relationships:

Honesty, availability, flexibility are the characteristics of our Partner Relationship.

According to this, our activities are rated by the following:

  • the contract is law
  • our name is our guarantee

 T.O.M. Controll 2001 ZRt. strategic aims in the field of connection with colleagues:

  •  to provide a secure income for the workers
  • to provide continuous professional improvement of our colleagues
  • to advance the careers of the workers
  • information is power, power is responsibility

 T.O.M. Controll 2001 ZRt. strategic aims in the field of quality:

  • The quality of our service should completely satisfy the expectations and demands of our partners.
  • To achieve our aims we continuously try to improve the quality of our service.
  • Our leaders take an active role in the planning and executing of the quality improvement programmes.
  • We continuously check our controlling systems to provide optimal results.
  • All our colleagues take an active part in obeying and executing the tasks and regulations in connection with quality.
  • We expect our subcontractors to know, accept and support our quality policies.