Opening hours

M-F: 09:00 - 17:00

Professional Cleaning

We take on daily, weekly and monthly basic- and disinfecting contracts of health-, education-, industrial- and commercial institutes; offices, technical rooms, public- and free domains within the company.

Our technical system’s flexibility assures adjustment to the needs, demands and operating rules of our customers and partner companies.

The applied technical tools, disinfecting and cleaning products are checked and permitted for use by the health authorities. Our producers and transporters are internationally recognised companies.

For the continuous success of quality-, hygienic- and microbiologic requirements we pay great attention to the theoretical and practical preparation of our colleagues and the direct supervision of the technical process.

In the cleaning branch the management is made up of individuals with 20-25 years experience in the cleaning industry.

Our public health- and epidemic supervisors have obtained a high level of qualification and a wide knowledge of quality. Before moving to this branch they were leaders of hygienic faculties within national health institutes.

The disinfecting and cleaning products used during cleaning obtain OEK-ÁNTSZ permission, our work is completed to the MSZ EN ISO 14001:1997 standard.

Professional Cleaning