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Safety - Dog patrol

Personal security nowadays is not only aimed at the protection of material values. It is a more complex task that includes all the activities that can ensure the safe and undisturbed operation of the given business and to protect its economic potential.

Our company is continuously improving and widening its spectrum in this field as described previously. At present we serve our customers in the following fields:

  •  physical security
  • electronic security
  • protection of money and valuables
  • protection of non-material possessions

Physical Security

  • security guard
  • patrol
  • receptionist
  • maintaining law and order:
    • labour safety tasks of the area
    • fire protection tasks
    • checking in and out of personal security items
  • executing porter tasks:
    • checking in- and out-going traffic
    • handling keys
    • car traffic
    • human traffic
  • armed guard
  • guard with dog
  • transporting money and valuables with an armoured car according to MABISZ regulations
    • operating a mobile safe
    • auctions: transport, guarding premises
    • security for exhibitions
    • 24 hour operator service, operating distance supervision systems

Electronic security

  • observing systems
    • outside cameras
    • inside cameras
  • industrial video systems
  • alarm systems
  • home security protection
  • registering systems
    • working hours
    • registering inner building movements
  • fire protection systems
  • automatic and semi-automatic parking systems
  • operative security technique
  • human and metal detecting gate

Planning, installing and running the above mentioned systems.

Unique plans, improvement upon request.

Continuous tracking and supervision of vehicle fleet using the GPS system, making various reports, supplying vehicles with alarm and anti-theft devices.

Protection of non-material possessions:

After discussing the needs, our company prepares those methods that will insure the maximum protection of these rights.